How to use Scrub :
The process is simple, to use a scrub, choose a natural scrub suited for your skin type or you can use "SAATVIK Impurity Removal Scrub" ,massage the scrub on your face or body for one minute, then rinse your skin. Repeat once a week. With all of its benefits, you should consider making a facial scrub a part of your weekly skin care routine.
Note  : It is compulsory to use face pack after scrubbing on face.

It's a best solution for oily or dry skin. And also it helps to get rid of acne problem.

((It removes skin impurities, tanning,dullness,dryness and gives natural pinkish glow to the skin)).

Its a 100% natural homemade product,made by pure Indian herbs.
Ingredients used- Orange peel powder, Fennel seeds ( saunf), Soya seeds, Barley seeds, Turmeric etc.
 Quantity - 27 gms

SAATVIK Impurity Removal Scrub